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Ok, so here we go. A blog. My very own piece of internet devoted just to my thoughts and grumblings about life the universe and everything. But as I sit here, staring at the empty “create post” bit where im meant to enter my first posting my mind is suddenly blank. Most, if not all nights I go to bed with the express intention of spending my time there asleep. Unfortunately as is so often is the case I lie there while my mind refuses to co-operated and begins whizzing with thoughts or ideas for new and useless inventions, recreated senarios from my past and future, sometimes staying close to the original plot, othertimes a retelling, crowbaring in a happy ending or new car chase or something, a “Directors Cut”. It can be quite infuriating. So in an attempt to cleanse these demons or at least get something constructive out of the experience I will hereby post herein the silly thoughts from my stupid brain.

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